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In the last month or two, I have agonised over the setup of my new year's planner system, wavering between planner sizes, and digital vs analogue. This mental state is totally unproductive for goal setting. It is perfect for getting nothing done.Enter your text here... Negative thoughts aside, plenty of ideas have been generated to be shared in the months to come. Today I will set the momentum going by showing a glympse of my daily planner. This is just a part of the complete system, and it is pretty (and) functional. 2021_daily_planner_labelled 2021_daily_planner_labelled

  1. A6 planner cover from Cocoapaper. The colour is Salmon and the model is Bliss. It fits the Hobonichi Techno, Stalogy & other similar sized A6 planners. It is also suitable for the discbound system, which is what I am using.
  2. Printable daily page designed using PanifyPro and printed on my own Canon printer TS9565. A6 is a very easy size to manage as I can print on A5 paper and cut into half.
  3. A cute porcupine sticker from TokyoPenShop. Purchased the Surprise Stationery Set #10 in November and was so thrilled the mount fuji eraser was included. The other items were gorgeous too, but what follows me in the planner is this cute little porcupine, which is the shop's logo.
  4. The Hobonichi pencil board purchased from Milligram Melbourne. It has a matt plastic texture which is a pleasure to write on as an underlay.
  5. Happy Planner mini metal discs : Rainbow, 0.75 inch from Washigang. This size is just about right for this Cocoapaper planner cover. If I decide to use larger discs, I will need to put in a custom order to Cocoapaper.
  6. Laminated printed cover page from Plannerpedia on Etsy. This shop has a wide collection of simple and functional planner sets. I will feature it in another post where I share my favourite planner printable sources.
  7. Oli clip from Washigang. Small but powerful page holder and book mark.
  8. Pilot Frixion ball 3 slim - 0.38mm from Yoseka stationery. I am a long time Frixion fan.
  9. Fruit sticker from Eslite Bookstore, Taiwan, to decorate the button.
  10. Crystal charm from a gift shop in Taiwan. I believe it is made in Korea.

So you see, my planner collection is sourced from all over the world. What a joy to collect, admire, use and talk about them! :-)


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