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The allure of the planner world

Planners. It is not just a notebook, or a journal, or a diary. For many members in the planner community, it can be an obsessive hobby, a lifestyle, a way to manage and make sense of the daily hustle and bustle of life. We even call ourselves planner addicts.

What power and mystery lie within the planner world? We want to set goals, organise appointments, remember to-dos, get things done well and on time. Once done, we want to capture and cherish the memories, reward ourselves and de-stress by having some 'me time' playing with our planners while savouring a favourite beverage or snack. Ah, simple pleasures in life.

A monthly page

A monthly page

Close up look at the sticker

Close up look at the sticker

This site is dedicated to people who understand both the joy and frustrations of chasing planner peace. Where to start? How to choose planners when you are on a budget? What if you want to indulge in a little luxury? What are the accessories that are indispensable?

I have been a planner addict for as long as I could remember, long before it has gained the cult status as it has now. It is time to unearth my collections, old and new, to be shared with doses of planner ideas. It is my plan to bring joy to the community through:

  • Sharing of my planner and stationery collections.
  • Discussions of my processes and how they work.
  • Curation of great works in the planner community.
  • Suggestions of sites that carry irresistible planner and stationery products (aka danger zone for the bank account)!
  • Listening to the ideas, views, opinions and suggestions of my readers.
  • Turning ideas into projects.

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I look forward to a plannerful journey with my readers.