November 15, 2021

Are you team paper or team digital when it comes to planners and journals? Many of us are both. 

While we are perfectly happy to enjoy stickers, washi tapes and doodles in both paper and digital versions, the usage is different when it comes to information management.

Paper or digital?

You need to decide which is a better media to schedule and record appointments. Where do you keep your shopping lists, important dates or project information? If you use both paper and digital concurrently, they need to be synchronised.

Many times I had appointments recorded on my paper planner, but did not bring the planner along with me on a short trip to the neighbourhood store. Met a friend, organised a lunch appointment and realised later that the timing had clashed with a prior appointment recorded on paper planner. 

Try journaling on a digital journal and I find myself getting distracted with Instagram and Pinterest feeds when I tried to search for 'inspiration'.

These are a couple of issues I encountered juggling between paper and digital. I am always exploring systems that integrate both paper and digital media for maximum benefits. It all depends on the application. In this article, it is about journaling prompts.

Journaling prompts in digital format

In the case of linking journaling prompts to journal pages, QR Codes can be used.

I have created journaling note pages with QR codes that link to pictures with quotes and prompts.

Here's what is needed:

  1. The journal pages are printable pdf documents that can be printed on normal paper. 
  2. Use a phone or tablet camera to focus at the QR Code. Image appears.

Note: Internet connection is required

QRcode Mindfulness Journal
Scan me

It is a fun and unique way to get journal inspirations. The digital images can also be saved for future reference, or printed as stickers to add to paper journals!

Interested in giving it a try? I have a free sample for download.