August 6, 2021

Why am I obsessed with tracking my sleep patterns?

One printable template that I have been using consistently is the sleep tracker. Ther objective is simple - to track the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep.

Why is this important? I have always felt that productivity is dependent on a balance of quality and quantity of sleep. More hours do not equate to better quality. What is optimal varies from person to person.

Our sleep can be affected by many factors - physical and mental activities during the day, weather, noise, emotional state etc.

I am fortunate not to have any serious sleep issues. My goal is to sleep early so that I can wake up very early - as in 6 am - to do some productive work like writing blog posts and creating products for my Etsy shop, before the routine of the day catches up with me.

In reality, this has been difficult to achieve. The internet has created a 24x7 playground. There is always something to do online. Online shopping, videos, training courses, zoom and facetime sessions, often with participants in different time zones. It is tempting to linger on and be reluctant to switch off and go to sleep. As a result, waking early is not quite possible.

I wanted to change the habit and the first step is to document the current sleep pattern. The printable monthly tracker is what I have been using for almost a year now. It is interesting to observe the outcome.

If you are also interested in tracking your sleep pattern, my sleep tracker pages are free to download. The pages are dated for April to December 2021.

Here's a quick preview and illustration of how it can be used.

Want a free copy of the sleep tracker? Please let us know where to send it to by filling up the form below.