June 9, 2021

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Recently I re-discoverd a digital journaling app that I tested briefly sometime ago and now actively using again.

Journey.cloud App

Journey App

Why digital? Well, both digital and paper planners have their pros and cons. I like both equally much.

My criteria for digital planner are as follows:

  1. Works on different operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android.
  2. Supports not just text, but drawings, handwriting, photos, videos and audio.
  3. Content is available offline.
  4. Content is private.
  5. Content synchronises across the different devices I own: PC, iPad and Android phone.

I put Journey.Cloud to the test. Here's my onservations.

The key reasons I am starting to use Journey.cloud again are:

  1. I can journal on any of the devices I own. For example, I can start a journal entry on my android phone, attach a photo I had taken, and continue editing on my iPad. When I am back on my desk, I can add more contents using my Windows PC. The content synchronises across all my devices via google drive. No content is stored on Journey.cloud server. The app can be password protected. This is the level of security and privacy available, and I am ok with it, for now.

  2. Journal entries can be posted to the Journal.cloud app by email, using a dedicated email address. This provides another level of convenience. Posting to Journey.cloud can be made even if you do not have the app installed.

  3. Being able to automatically include weather and location information is a handy way to record the details of the day.

  4. Being able to add multimedia contents like photo, audio, video and drawings truly expands our ability to creatively record our life's journey.

The features vary slightly across various operating systems, and I have documented what I have observed in the table below. This is accurate from my experience, as at June 2021.

Journey.cloud features

Journey.cloud features

Here's a few screen shots from the journey app on my mobile phone:

Journey app multiple entries

Journey app multiple entries

Journey app single entry

Journey app single entry

As I continue to use Journey.cloud every day, new updated will be added to this post.